Hosting / Static IP

as low as $19.95/month*

*One time setup fee of $75

Website Hosting

Reedsburg Utility Commission provides web hosting services to businesses of all sizes. Once your website is created RUC will work with your web designer or technician thru the uploading process of your website by establishing an FTP username and password. Hosting details and costs:

Static IP Address

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is an electronic serial number that takes the form of four numbers separated by dots; an example would be Every machine connected to the Internet—computer or any other Web-enabled device—has a unique IP address. Wherever you browse online, send an e-mail or instant message, or download a file, your IP address functions like a vehicle license plate or a finger print to enforce accountability and traceability. IP addresses are used by routers to forward messages from one computer to another over the Internet.


  • Backups of our servers occur nightly
  • Any down time is minimal. Outages do occur, but only with a rare malfunction or a major upgrade of the system.  The system is monitored 24/7/365, and staff is immediately available when problems arise.
  • Software on the system is upgraded quarterly. Upgrades are scheduled, whenever possible, for off-peak times.
  • RUC enforces best-practice security via secure passwords, firewalls, and SSL Certificates
  • Provide tracking software with all hosted sites (data reported includes: number and timing of site visits, who visited the site, how visitors navigate thru the site, how visitors navigated or landed on the site, and more.