Lan / Vlan / Transparent Lan

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LAN (Local Area Network) Services

High-speed, low-error data network covering a relatively small geographic area (up to a few thousand meters). LANs connect workstations, peripherals, terminals, and other devices in a single building or other geographically limited area.

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Services

Can be viewed as a group of devices on different physical LAN segments which can communicate with each other as if they were all on the same physical LAN segment. Benefits include: Increased performance, Improved manageability, Network tuning, and Increased Security.

Transparent LAN Services

Links remote Ethernets together, it is called “transparent” because the connected Ethernets are viewed as one Ethernet by the customer, regardless of the technology employed by the carrier in between.

Other Networking Services

  • Redundant & Diverse Routing
  • Direct Ethernet Connections (NO modems)
  • Bandwidth access to the local fiber distribution network
  • Local interconnects with long haul carriers
  • Digital Music-30 channels of Digital Music (DMX) for your business