January 31, 2017

Reedsburg Utility Commission’s Power Supply to Include Electricity from Wisconsin’s Largest Solar Energy Center


Reedsburg Utility Commission will meet more of its customers’ electricity needs with power harnessed from the sun thanks to a recently announced agreement between Reedsburg Utility Commission’s not-for-profit power supplier, WPPI Energy, and NextEra Energy Resources.

WPPI Energy and NextEra Energy Resources recently announced plans to build a 100 megawatt solar energy center – Wisconsin’s largest – with a capacity to serve more than 23,000 people with affordable, clean energy.

“This solar energy center adds diversity to help us meet WPPI Energy member utilities’ long-term needs in a way that’s more cost-effective than other opportunities currently available to us,” said Mike Peters, president and CEO of WPPI Energy. “In addition, our membership has achieved significant emissions reductions over the past 10 years, and the clean, renewable energy generated by this project will help us continue that effort.”

NextEra Energy Resources plans to build and operate the Point Beach Solar Energy Center on land adjacent to its existing Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Two Rivers, Wis. The project is scheduled to come online in 2021. WPPI Energy has entered into a 20-year power purchase agreement to buy the electricity from the solar energy center to serve its 51 member utilities across Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and Iowa, including Reedsburg Utility Commission.

“We are pleased that the addition of this major power supply resource complements Reedsburg Utility Commission’s commitment to serving our community as cost-effectively as possible and will help us continue reducing our emissions,” said Brett Schuppner, P.E., General Manager of Reedsburg Utility Commission.