Fresh Start

as low as $34.95

When you purchase SecureIT, SecureIT Live or SecureIT Plus you can take advantage of Fresh Start! With new installations of SecureIT, SecureIT Live and SecureIT Plus, our techs will not only install your SecureIT software but will also remove any viruses, spyware or any other malicious code on your computer, giving you the SecureIT Services Guarantee!*

*SecureIT Services Guarantee only available with SecureIT Live and SecureIT Plus


  1. Verify download/establish a connection.
  2. Check/verify system requirements.
  3. Look for and remove previous anti-virus software.
  4. Check for infections/malicious software.
    1. Terminate any running processes that are in our active spyware/virus list.
    2. Identify hidden and high risk computer software.
    3. Remove malicious software and threats.
    4. Scan the computers memory and hard drive for any further security threats.
    5. Advise you on how to avoid future infections.
  5. Remove any unnecessary start up items for better performance of the PC after restart.
  6. Install SecureIT and ensure all components are updated and running.
    1. Apply any Windows critical updates.