How do I block or erase individual recordings in my recorded list or change the save time for the recording?

Highlight the recording on the Recorded List screen, then press Select on the remote control. An Options screen appears for the program you selected.

Do Parental Controls carry over to DVR recordings?

Yes, if you block programs by channel or rating in General Settings, those settings are carried over to DVR recordings. For example, if you decide to block all R rated programs in General Settings, the R rated programs will still be recorded, but you cannot play them back until you enter the correct PIN.

Can I automatically "skip ahead" 30 seconds through commercials?

No. However, you can fast forward and rewind at three different speeds -- 4x, 10x and 32x. You can also skip back 8 seconds using the key to the left of the green LIST key for instant replays.

How will I know the DVR is almost out of recording space?

When you try to schedule the next recording, a warning appears on the Confirm Recording screen. Also, you can see what percentage of recording space you have used. Press List and then press B for preferences.

Can you time-shift (pause, rewind, fast-forward) the 1/4 screen video on the DVR Recorded List or Program Guide?

Yes, you can press the PAUSE, REWIND or FAST-FORWARD button on your remote to control the 1/4 screen video in the Program Guide or any DVR screen.

How long can I pause Live TV?

You can pause up to one hour. After pausing one hour, the program starts playing one hour behind the Live broadcast point.

Can you play back more than one recording?

No, only one recording can be played back at a time.

Do I have to press the remote STOP button to stop recording the program when it ends?

No, the recording will automatically stop based on the program run times you specified on the recording confirmation screen.

If I've been tuned to a program since it started, do I have to rewind to the beginning to record the entire program?

No, if you have been tuned to the program since the beginning, just press RECORD from any point in the program and you will get the entire program. Recording will automatically stop when the program ends.

Can I record the 1/4 screen video in the Program Guide or the DVR Recorded List?

Yes. You can record the quarter screen on all DVR screens by pressing Record. You can also record the quarter screen in the Program Guide. Press Exit to display the video in full screen, and then press Record. Note: Pressing Record while in the Program Guide will record the highlighted program in the grid.

Does the cable operator gather information from what I'm watching or from what I'm recording?


How many channels can I record at one time?

You can record 2 channels at one time. While recording 2 live shows, you can play back one pre-recorded show. Press the green remote LIST button any time to display your recordings available for playback.

What happens if my DVR loses power temporarily?

Everything you have recorded is saved, based on the save time you selected in the Confirm Recording screen. Your scheduled recordings during the time the DVR lost power are the only recordings you may miss.

Why are all of my programs displayed in 1080i format?

You may have selected the Easy Setup mode and the Widescreen (16:9) TV setting in the HDTV Setup Wizard. Choosing these two settings together limits your programming to 1080i format, even on non-HD channels. To see your non-HD programs in 480i on a widescreen HDTV, used the Advanced Setup in the HDTV Setup Wizard. Make sure you select 480i as one of your saved formats, and then select Pass-Through in General Settings: Picture Format for your default picture format.

Does my TiVo have to be turned on to execute a scheduled recording?

No, it doesn't need to be on, but it must remain plugged into an active electrical outlet.

Does the Explorer 8300HD require a connection to a phone line or Ethernet connection, similar to the TiVo and Replay personal video recording units?

No, the Explorer 8300HD and DVR application uses the existing coaxial cable connection. No extra phone line or network components are needed.

Can the Explorer 8300HD record Dolby Digital 5.1?


Can I watch one show while recording another?

Yes, the Explorer 8300HD has two tuners. TiVo allows you to record 2 shows and watch a recorded show at the same time.

How much storage is available on the TiVo?

The non-TiVo DVR has a 160GB hard drive that allows recording and storage of up to 90 hours of SD programming or 20 hours of HD programming. TiVo has 45 HD or 400 SD hours of recording.

How much does a DVR Receiver cost?

Subscribe to Reedsburg Utility's Digital Cable and receive an TiVo for only $13.99/mon.

How much does a HDTV Receiver cost?

If you subscribe to Reedsburg Utility's Digital Cable a HD Receiver box is only $5.99 per month for additional receivers. The 1st one is included.

Do I have to sign an annual contract?


Do I need to purchase any equipment?

No. As long as you have an HD compatible TV or monitor, subscribe to the Digital package and have our HD Receiver box, you should be all set. When you set up your HD subscription a technician will come to your home or office and swap out your current Digital Receiver for an HD Receiver. You will only have one Receiver box for your TV. If you are a subscriber to the Digital service you may add our DVR function to your HD Receiver Box. We can swap your current digital receiver for an HDTV/DVR Receiver, and you will still only have one box. (DVR is only available with a digital connection)

What do I need?

In order to view HDTV, you must purchase a HDTV set. Currently Reedsburg Utility offers several local broadcast channels in HD plus additional HD channels.

What is HDTV?

High-Definition Television is a new way to send and receive television broadcast signals.  Television production quality has improved dramatically since the evolution from the analog signal to the digital television. HDTV images use pixels (small dots that make up the color image on a TV screen).  These pixels are much smaller and closer together than those used in standard analog televisions, thus making the HDTV a much higher quality picture.  HDTV's can display five to six times the detail than an analog TV. The sound quality of HDTV is also enhanced by using Dolby Digital sound, the same technology used to produce sound in movie theaters.