How do I upload my website?

As part of your Internet service with Reedsburg Utility, disk space is available that you can use for a personal (non-commercial) web site. In order to upload your web pages to the server, you will need to use an FTP client. For Windows computers, we suggest either WS_FTP or FileZilla. For Mac OS X computers, we suggest either Fetch or Transmit. You can find these FTP clients, and many others, at either or No mater which FTP client you use, the basic steps are the same - only the look and feel of the various interfaces will change. For this documentation, we are using Transmit on Mac OS X.

  • Open your FTP client.
  • Enter the server name ( and your username and password & click Connect.
  • Figure 1
  • Normally, the files on your computer will be shown on the left side, and the files on the server will be shown on the right side.
  • In order to upload your website, you will need to have a folder named public_html on the server. If this is the first time you have logged into the server, that folder may not be there, as shown in Figure 2. To correct this, simply create a new folder or directory named public_html. (In some FTP clients, it may be labeled MkDir.)
  • Figure 2
  • Go into the public_html folder on the server. Upload you web page files by either drag-and-drop or using the upload button.
  • Figure 3
  • Once you upload your web site, you can view it by opening a web browser and going to, where username is your username (i.e.
  • Figure 4

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