Green Power for Business

Supporting the use of renewable energy is a real “win-win” for your business and for the community. We make it easy with the Green Power for business program.

Through Green Power for business, you can contribute to a cleaner environment and sustainable energy future. The dollars you invest in renewable energy are used to foster the growth of renewable resources.

“Buying green” is also good for business. Studies show that people have a more favorable view of — and are more likely to buy services from — companies that demonstrate concern for the environment.

Visit our Green Power Calculator and learn how the purchase of blocks of renewable energy is equivalent to tons of aluminum recycled, tons of newspaper recycled, tons of glass recycled, barrels of oil not used, tons of coal not used, acres of forest planted and months of not driving a car.

Our Green Power for Business Program is Green-e Energy certified. Green-e Energy was established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions to provide information and an objective standard for consumers to compare renewable energy options, and to verify that consumers get what they pay for.
Green Power for Business Sign-up Form

Getting started is quick and easy

Supporting renewable energy is a simple decision to make. There is no special equipment to install, and no change in the way your organization receives or uses energy. To sign up, just choose an amount of renewable energy that’s equal to some or all of your monthly electric usage. You can change your participation level or withdraw from the program at any time.

You pay just $3.00 additional per month for each block of renewable energy, the equivalent of 300 kilowatt hours (kWh). If you’re interested in purchasing 100 blocks or more, be sure to ask your Energy Services Representative about our discounted rate for large purchases.

To participate, simply submit the form below or download/complete the response form, fold the sheet into thirds and mail it, postage-paid. Contact us at (608) 524-4381 for more information.

Green-e Price Terms & Conditions

Why renewable energy?

It’s clean.  The more energy we use from renewable resources, the less we will need to rely on fossil-fuel based energy. We can reduce carbon dioxide emissions — which contribute to climate change — and keep the air we breathe cleaner.

It’s sustainable. Renewable energy sources such as wind, biogas and solar can never be depleted. That’s simply not true of conventional generation sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. And because it’s produced from resources that are available here at home, renewable energy can increase our energy independence.

It’s forward-thinking. Diversifying our power supply by adding renewable resources offers long-term advantages. For example, this limits our exposure to expected increases in the costs of fossil fuel generation. Increasing the use of renewable resources can help control energy costs in the future, particularly when combined with energy efficiency and conservation measures.