New Homes Program

Planning to build a new home? Talk to your builder about the New Homes Program to ensure your home will be as comfortable, durable, safe and energy efficient as possible.

focus on energy

The Focus New Homes program is available through Wisconsin Focus on Energy. To qualify as a Focus New Home, the builder and homeowner contract with an independent consultant to analyze the home’s blueprints, project energy costs, perform site visits during the construction process to verify construction details, and conduct performance tests to ensure the home works as designed and meets Focus New Homes certification standards.

To find out more, visit Wisconsin Focus on Energy or call (800) 762-7077.


  • A quality home built with greater attention to detail
  • The ability to control indoor air quality by managing moisture and airborne pollutants
  • Added safety, because furnace, water heater and fireplace combustion by-products are exhausted directly from the home
  • Added durability, because warm moist inside air, as well as rain and moisture from the outside, is kept out of walls and attic spaces, preventing structural damage
  • Greater energy efficiency, including electrical, space heating and cooling savings