Water Rates



The Reedsburg Utility Commission provides an abundant supply of high quality water for Reedsburg residents, businesses and industries. The utility’s five wells and pumping equipment on average produce up to 2 million gallons of water per day. The water supply for the City of Reedsburg includes the operation and maintenance of all five wells and four water storage reservoirs spread throughout the City.

The water distribution system consists of a network of close to 70 miles of water mains and over 600 fire hydrants. Activities such as water main and service repair, valve maintenance, upkeep of meters, well houses, pumping equipment, and hydrant maintenance are necessary to support the distribution system. Customer services activities include responding to low water pressure complaints, raising and lowering of stop boxes, and installing new water meters. Other services include shutting off water to allow plumbing repairs, making seasonal water service connections; emergency maintenance service is provided 24/7.

The City of Reedsburg should be very proud of not only having good quality water, but also of having some of the lowest water rates in the state.

  • The last rate increase was June 25, 2021 when it was set at $1.93 per 100 CF (or approximately 750 gallons of water)

  • For $0.01 you can get just over 3.5 gallons of water.

  • Based on quarterly usage of 18,750 gallons, Reedsburg has the 4th lowest rates in Sauk County.

  • Reedsburg is in the bottom 10% for rates, compared to all of the water utilities in the state (576).

  • In 2021, the state average cost for 18,750 gallons of water per quarter was $112.34 compared to Reedsburg’s at $60.97.

  • Compared to the 159 Class C Utilities (1000- 4000 customers) in the State of Wisconsin, Reedsburg has the 15th lowest rates.

The Reedsburg Utility Commission is continually seeking ways to maintain low water rates, so it is important for us to maintain minimal water losses. This requires preventative maintenance programs, which includes locating water leaks, replacing leaky water mains and service lines. The Utility is also dedicated to conduct proper upgrades when necessary, to the mains, wells, reservoirs and meters.

View our current water rates and rate tariff using the PDF documents below.

Current Water Rates

Current Water Rate Tariff & Service Rules