About Reedsburg Utility

Reedsburg Utility began its roots in 1894 by providing electric and water to its public-spirited citizens.

Today, Reedsburg’s public-spirited citizens can also receive Light Speed Internet, TV, and Telephone services from their own home town team! In 2003 the Utility ventured into deploying a fiber optic infrastructure that would reach to every home and business in the community. The fiber optic infrastructure now serves as a future proof method in providing Reedsburg citizens broadband and other communications services.

The Utility services more than 4,400 customers and takes great pleasure in serving each and every one. We are one Utility and one Community, and it’s all about service! We live in this community with you. We provide competent, reliable, high quality, courteous, honest, and responsive service. We treat you like a neighbor, because we are your neighbors.