Water Meter Reading 

Most residential and commercial customers located within the Utility service area have a water meter that measures the amount of water transferred from the water main into the customer’s plumbing system. Your water meter measures in cubic feet (7.5 gallons = 1 cubic foot).

The Utility presently uses meter’s ranging from 5/8″ residential size through 6″ commercial and industrial applications. The Utility is governed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and follows all guidelines there of.

The PSC requires the utility to remove and replace a percentage of meters on an annual basis. The utility presently services and maintains all meters. All water meters are owned and maintained by the Reedsburg Water Utility.

Reading your water meter can help detect a leak in your water system. To check for a leak, turn off all the faucets in your home and note the position of the meter sweep hand. Wait about 15 minutes and check the meter again. If the sweep hand has moved or the reading has changed, there’s probably a leak. Our newer meters have a leak detector built in the dial.

Please remember the customers’ responsibility is to maintain valves before and after the meter. Please keep the water meter accessible to utility personnel.