Water Distribution & Service

The Reedsburg Water Utility is responsible for the maintenance, repairs, installation and operations of the transmission and distribution pipeline facilities. These facilities include transmission, distribution mains, hydrants, system valves and service lines. The system is made up of approximately 64 miles of water mains ranging in size from 4″ to 12″ in diameter.

The Utility owns over 580 fire hydrants, 1,100 valves and 3,350 services within the system. Throughout the year, you may see the Water Department in your neighborhood repairing service leaks and main breaks. Main breaks are top priority and a prompt response is required. The Utility is often times informed of a possible main break by the general public, police patrols and voluntary phone information. Our system control center can also inform us of breaks by tower levels and the amount of pumps running.

Call the Utility if the following

• If you are experiencing lower pressure than usual, check to see if the pressure is in all locations of your home. If so, call the Water Utility
• If you are currently experiencing discolored water, run cold water for about one minute. If the cold water runs clear, shut off the cold water and let the hot water run for one minute. If the hot water is still discolored your hot water heater may need to be purged. If the cold water remains discolored, call the Water Utility
• If you turn on a faucet and find you have no water, try another faucet in your home. If you find you do have water at the second faucet, you have an internal problem. If you find no water at the second faucet, call the Water Utility
• If you notice water bubbling up in the street or sidewalk, call the Water Utility
• If you notice a hydrant leaking, notify the Water Utility

Service Tips / FAQs

Water Meter:
The instrument that actually measures the amount of water you use is the meter located in the basement, crawl space, etc. The outside remote reader (on the outside of your building) connects to the meter via a wire. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the meter from freezing and ensuring that the meter is accessible to Utility employees for testing, repairs, readings, etc.

Curb Stop:
The homeowner is responsible to ensure the curb stop is undamaged and free from dirt, landscaping, etc., so the water can be shut off quickly in the event of an emergency.

Unlawful Connection:
No person shall make any connection to the Water Utility witout the permission of the Utility. When the Utility has reasonable evidence that a person has connected to the Water Utility without such permission, or that a person is obtaining water from the Water Utility, either in whole or in part, by bybassing a meter, tampering with a meter or by any other means, the owner/occupant of the premises for such unmetered services may be disconnected and fined.