Economic Development Programs

We know that electric costs can be a significant part of your operating budget. Community-owned utilities tend to have lower electric rates than their competitors. Simply put, doing business here – in a public power community – just makes sense.

Through membership in WPPI Energy, Reedsburg Utility Commission provides reliable, reasonably priced power and innovative energy services to meet your needs. We’re committed to keeping our businesses and communities strong. Let our team of energy experts and account management professionals serve your business by providing the following and more:

•  Operating cost estimates and energy cost comparisons.
Being served by a nonprofit, community-owned utility will help keep your operating costs as low as possible over the long term. We can demonstrate this “public power advantage” with operating cost estimates and energy cost comparisons based on your production forecasts. We’ll also work with you to identify innovative ways to use energy more efficiently and help you determine potential cost savings so you can assess the impact on your bottom line.

•  Power quality services.
WPPI Energy’s energy experts use advanced technology to identify electrical problems in a facility and achieve a high level of power quality. We’ll collect and analyze the data needed to help you evaluate power quality solutions and improve the performance of your operations.

•  New construction technical assistance.
To help make your new construction project as energy efficient as possible, we’ll provide design-phase technical assistance to help you acquire energy savings and demand reduction in new buildings, additions or major renovations.

•  Energy conservation financing.
We can assist with up-front costs of energy efficiency projects at your facility by providing grants for feasibility studies as well as incentives to support your conservation efforts.

•  Renewable energy options.
Through our Choose Rewable  program,  you can harness the marketing power of green energy and reduce your business’s environmental impact by purchasing blocks of power made from renewable resources such as wind, hydroelectric and biogas. We also offer grants and incentives for the use of wind power, microturbines, fuel cells, co-generation and other renewable energy technologies at your own facility.