Current Electric Rates

The Reedsburg Utility Commission is continually seeking ways to maintain low electric rates.  The Utility is also dedicated to conducting proper upgrades when necessary, to ensure the future of the Reedsburg electric  nfrastructure.

We understand that most of our reswidents are primarily concerned with the affordability and reliability of the services we provide. Even as we continue to make improvements, modernize our infrastructure, bring more clean energy online, and support our communities, we have managed to keep rates competitive and one of the lowest cost providers of electricity within Sauk County.

The City of Reedsburg should be very proud of not only having a good quality infrastrcture, but also of having some of the lowest electric rates in the state.

  • • Reedsburg's electric rates are 13.91% lower than the average Wisconsin county rate.
  • • Reedsburg residents monthly electric cost is on average  9.84% lower than the average Wisconsin rate.
  • • Reedsburg Utility has the lowest energy rate of the (3) three providers in the area.

- Click Here for our Electric Tariff and Services PDF
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