Choose Renewable

You can contribute to a cleaner environment and sustainable energy future by investing a few dollars every month in our Choose Renewable program. It doesn’t require new equipment, any changes in how you use or receive energy, or any long-term commitments. What could be simpler?

Best of all, by supporting renewable energy, you can help ensure a good quality of life for your family and your community for generations to come. The dollars you invest in renewable energy are used to foster the growth of renewable resources.

Our Choose Renewable Program makes it easy to invest in a secure energy future and a cleaner environment. You can participate at whatever level you’d like, change your participation level at any time, or withdraw from the program with no cancellation fee. To get started, just select the number of blocks of renewable energy you wish to purchase. You pay just $2.00 additional per month for each block of renewable energy, the equivalent of 300 kilowatt-hours (kWh). For example, if you sign up for two blocks, an additional renewable charge of $4.00 will appear on your monthly bill. Participation is optional; buy as much or as little as you’d like.

*Note: $2.00 a block for 1-19 blocks, $1.00 a block for 20+.

Download the Choose Renewable Energy Flyer.

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